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Hop-on, Hop-off: Amsterdam Biking Pub Tour

What is so typical about Dutchies besides tulips, clogs, and croquettes? Bikes, of course! If Dutchies have to go somewhere, they always go by bike. Luckily, Amsterdam is a perfect place to cycle and that’s why the International Committee is organising a biking tour with beer stops!

On Friday April the 21st Mercurius is going to take you on a journey by bike through the most beautiful city you can imagine! We will gather at 14:00 at a cafe for a welcome drink (beer, wine, or soda) which will be payed by Mercurius. This cafe and its exact location will be announced later on. After our stop at the first cafe we will bike through Amsterdam and have several pit stops at cafes to get some drinks and chill over there.

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***You have to come by bike, or else you can’t participate in this activity.***