Communication Tiger Awards

And the Tiger Award goes to….

Mercurius is excited to announce the annual Communication Tiger Awards 2019! This set of awards is directed towards the lecturer of the year and the teacher of the year. The awards for the lecturer and teacher are are a recognition of greatness from us Communication Science students to show our appreciation of their awesomeness.

To decide who the two lucky winners of this year’s Tiger Awards will be, we need your opinion! We will start on the 12th of June and be counting as many votes from Communication Science students as possible via this link for one complete week. The voting will close on the 19th of June. On the 20th of June the winners will be announced and the winners will receive their well-deserved awards from our Mercurius Board at the End of the Year Meeting.

We would love to hear your opinion and choose the best lecturer and best teacher for our faculty!