Many people describe Communication Science as a course, which provides you with a broad range of choices when it comes to the next step of your career. Mercurius organizes company visits to help you get to know the communication world. We will visit a large number of companies, mainly active in the marketing and communication industry, and take a look behind the scenes. Attending these company visits will contribute to your personal and professional development. The companies that we will be visiting, often look for interns and/or starters, so you might even get a job out of it. You will also encounter the practical side of the theories you’re studying in class. This will provide you with a realistic image of what’s happening in the current marketing and communication world.

Practical information: Company visits will always take place during the week, either in the morning or at noon. A company visit most often will not take more than three hours. In-house days, on the other hand, do take longer. Each company has the liberty to interpret the visit in their own way. Frequently, a company visit includes a guided tour and a presentation and you will have the opportunity to ask the company and its employees all the questions you want. Company visits are free and only available to members.

Some of the companies Mercurius has visited:

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