Every year, Mercurius organizes activities to herald the new academic year. The students will be able to attend the education introduction with a tour of the most important University building in Amsterdam and parents can visit the special parent night. To officially kick off the new academic year, all new and old students will be welcome to raise the glass at the first get-together of the year.

The Intreeweek is the general introductory week for all new UvA students. This week will always take place during the last week of August. You will be assigned to a group of about 15 fellow students and two older supervisors, all studying the same as you. During this week, you will learn everything what Amsterdam and university life have to offer. Over the course of this week, you will meet a lot of new people and you will be able to enjoy various activities and parties. More information.

The education introduction
In the last week of August, the faculty education introductions will take place, most often on Monday and Tuesday. This will be an introduction to your new course. Over the course of this day, you will get to know your course, your professors, important locations and – most importantly – Mercurius. Attending this introduction is mandatory, as you will receive important information on the first phase of your BA or MA course. Your course coordinator will let you know when and at what time this introduction will be held. During the introduction, you will be able to become a member of Mercurius. More information.

Intreeweek borrel
During the Intreeweek, Mercurius will also be there to introduce you to the city and your fellow students. All Communication Science students are more than welcome to come and drink a beer or two with us on Tuesday during the Intreeweek. This is a drink (in Dutch: borrel) where you will also get the opportunity to get to know second- or third-year students. For a lot of the attendees there will be a free beer, so you don’t want to miss that! Keep an eye on our Facebookpage for more information.

First borrel
By tradition, every firstThursday of the month over the course of the academic year, the so-called Mercuriusborrel will take place. The first get-together will take place in September and is mainly focused on getting to know your fellow students and the Mercurius Board. That can only mean a lot of gezelligheidMore information.

Introduction weekend
Every year, Mercurius organizes an introduction weekend for all new Communication Science students. Over the course of this weekend, you will be able to participate in various activities and get to know your fellow students and Mercurius better. More information.

Introduction party
Is there a better way to kick off the new academic year than with a party? We at Mercurius don’t think so and that is why we are making sure that you can dance all night long with your new (or old) friends during our first party: The only time for 00’s. This Zeroes themed party will be the only thing for the time being where you can aim for a 0! And with that we obviously mean music and clothes 😉 For more information about this event, keep an eye on our Facebookpage.

Company visit
Sometime in the first few weeks, Mercurius will visit a well-known media company to introduce first-year student to the business world. Although you might not be thinking about that yet, it is very interesting to see what you can do with a Bachelor in Communication Science. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information.

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