Terms & conditions

Article 1. Definitions
1. Terms and Conditions: the terms and conditions at issue
2. Mercurius: Mercurius Study Association Communication Science, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 40536299
3. Member: person that after payment and completion of the registration procedure is a part of Study Association Mercurius

Article 2. Membership
1. A student can become a member of Mercurius by signing up through the Mercurius website (www.mercuriusuva.nl) or writing the secretary of Mercurius.
2. Membership comes into effect after payment for the selected period is completed.
3. Membership expires, depending on the preferred period, after one, three or four years.
4. Each member is required to pay a contribution, which is specified in the Mercurius’ articles. The payment is effected by way of direct debit, transfer or through online payment methods.
5. Membership can be terminated upon written notice. Mercurius will, under no circumstances, refund any contribution already paid.
6. Mercurius and her partners are allowed to ask a member for valid identification at all times, if the member would like to use any Mercurius’ services or facilities.
7. Membership is personal and cannot be transferred to others.

Article 3. Activities
1. A member can only partake in activities if he/she can produce a valid identification, unless otherwise stated.
2. Participation in activities is at the member’s own risk. The Board, nor the supervisors appointed by the Board, accept any liability for loss and/or theft of personal belongings of the Participant.
3. Participants are at all times required to follow the instructions of the Mercurius Board, the supervisors of the Board and/or other staff members.
4. Participants are at all times responsible for their behaviour around drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and/or illegal substances or objects.
5. Participants are strictly prohibited from taking drugs and/or illegal substances or objects to activities (partially) organized by Mercurius. The bringing along of one of these things, will result in the immediate removal of the Participant from the activity or the event. Any potential costs will be passed on to the Participant concerned.
6. If a Participant causes material, immaterial or physical damage, he/she will be immediately removed from the activity. Any restoration costs will be passed on to the Participant concerned.

Last update: 17-11-2015