• Moscow (2018)
  • Stockholm (2017)
  • Tel Aviv (2016)
  • Istanbul (2015)
  • Dubai (2014)
  • Shanghai (2013)
  • Moscow (2012)
  • India (2011)
  • New York (2010)

Once a year, the Travel Committee (TravelCo) organizes a study trip abroad. Mercurius travels to a city with about 25 fellow students. Every year the Travel Committee devises the location and the program of the study trip. Generally, the trip is organized in July and has a duration of 8 days.

During the trip the students will conduct communication related research and they have to visit different companies. The trip is supported by the Educational Institute and there will be two teachers who go along with the group, to support the research. Do you want to join the study trip? Keep an eye on our website for the location, data and other updates. Our members will also receive an email with information about the study trip.

If you cannot wait to go on the study trip and want to contribute to the organization of trip or if you have other great ideas, please contact the coordinator of the Travel Committee.


Each year the research results are summarized in a booklet. You can find these results at the Mercurius office.