Textbooks with discount

As a student, you never have enough money, which is why we offer a discount on study books in collaboration with Smartbooks, which can be up to 13%! The book sale takes place in the first weeks of the semester or block. We sell books for all Communication Science bachelor and master courses. The book list is compiled in consultation with the study programme so that you always have the right study books. To buy books at a discount, you must be a member of Mercurius. You can become a member on our website or while ordering your books. You can then purchase books online via the Smartbooks website. All books are arranged by year and by course. You can pick up the books at Roeterseilandcampus on a specific day and time. Together with Smartbooks, Mercurius ensures that you always have the right books for a reduced rate.

The book sale for the first semester has started and ends on September 3rd at 23:59! So make sure to order your books on time!



  1. Visit the Smartbooks website via the button below. On the website, you can select your book list for your relevant year and situation. Then choose the books that are mandatory for the courses you are going to take. Then you can click on order.
  2. You can get a discount through Mercurius. All you have to do is become a member. This can be done via our website or while ordering your books. You can select a membership for 1 year on the Smartbooks site when ordering. Do you want a 3 or 4-year membership? Then order your membership via the Mercurius website.
  3. After you have chosen to order, you must create an account. You can then confirm your choice.
  4. You can only choose the option to pick up your books at the Roeterseiland Campus.
  5. Choose your payment method. It is not possible to pay later.
  6. After payment, you will receive an order confirmation. In this confirmation, you will find more information about when, where and what time you can pick up your books. You can also follow us on Instagram for updates on book sales.

Are you a first-year ordering books? Please read this carefully!
For the course Methods of Communication Research and Statistics / Methoden van Communicatieonderzoek en Statistiek-MCO/S the faculty wants you to order different books for the Dutch and English track.

Are you enrolled in the Dutch Track? Order the books for the course ‘’Statistics / Methoden van Communicatieonderzoek en Statistiek-MCO/S’’.

Are you enrolled in the English Track? Order the books for the course ‘’Methods of Communication Research and Statistics / Methoden’’.

Do you have a question about the book sales? Please contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Disclaimer: Teachers always have the right to change the required books after they had contact with us. 


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