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Company visit: Vice

Are you interested in a look behind the scenes at the international media company Vice?

Vice is a global youth media company and industry leader in producing and distributing the best online video content in the world. They provide you with interesting and controversial journalism as you’ve never read or seen before. Their documentaries, programs and articles are being shared through online, lineair, mobile and social channels and reach hundreds of millions of people every month. VICE exists of an international network of digital platforms, a tv channel, a filmproduction company, a magazine, a record label, a creative industry and a publishing agency.

During the company visit we will get a small tour, followed by a few interesting speakers about their work. On tuesday, May 1th at 16.00 we will visit their office on the Reguliersdwarsstraat (near Rembrandtplein).

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Please note: There are only 15 spots available and FULL=FULL!