General meeting

General Assembly 4

On the 5th of June, we would like to invite you to our fourth general assembly! The time will be from 19:00 – 22:00, and the location will be at B1.01.

During this general assembly, we will be discussing and voting on matters such as the working and policy plans and also announce our candidate board! If you are not able to attend the General Assembly, you can still vote for certain issues. Fill in the proxy form and authorise someone to vote for you. You can send the authorisation form to [email protected]

Previously, members were able to authorise someone by texting them with a text which stated that you would like to authorise this person. Due to the fact that it is hard to actually check the validity of such an authorisation, the board has decided to only accept the official proxy forms as a valid authorisation to vote in the general assembly. We appreciate your input and take your vote seriously. Find the proxy form here:

You may find the documents for the General Assembly here: