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Introduction Weekend

During the weekend of September 20th – September 22th it is time for Mercurius’ annual introduction weekend for first-year students. This weekend is a great opportunity to meet other new first-year students in Communication Science. On Friday afternoon, a bus will take the group of around 65 students to a village in Brabant called Loon op Zand. During this weekend we will do several introduction activities to get to know each other. We will play some (drinking) games, chill out a bit and party all night long.

The weekend is all-inclusive. This means that food (breakfast, dinner, snacks), drinks (YES, alcohol is included), transfer and accommodation are included in the price of €39,95. We will be back in Amsterdam on Sunday in the afternoon. The introduction weekend is meant for first years students to meet new people and to make new friends. So, if you want to join our introduction weekend you can sign up [button size=”medium” style=”secondary” text=”here” link=”” target=””].

Be quick, there is a limited amount of beds available!