Mercurius Weekendtrip: Sofia

Sofia! One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in eastern Europe. Known for its amazing architecture, interesting culture, and tasty food and drinks. Whether you like history, art or food, Sofia has something for you.

The city is not only interesting during the day. When night falls, the city really comes to life. With its many bars, pubs, and clubs you will never be bored. A new adventure awaits around every corner.

Join Mercurius for an amazing weekend for just €125 including flights, transfer, and accommodation! Buy your tickets [button size=”medium” style=”secondary” text=”here!” link=”https://mercuriusuva.veebihai.com/en/event/mercurius-weekendtrip-sofia/” target=””]

Ще се видим там!


Amsterdam to Sofia:
5 April 2019, 18:15 – 22:00

Sofia to Amsterdam:
8 April 2019, 22:45 – 00:30