Second-hand Books

Mercurius can proudly announce that from this year on, we have to option to sell and buy second-hand books. You can easily find this option on the smarbooks website under second-hand.

Buying second hand books --> When the option for a second-hand book is available it is stated in the book list where you can choose this option.

Selling second hand books --> You can find this option on the website at ”second-hand”.
Follow the instructions:
1. Fill in the ISBN/ISSN of the book you want to sell.
2. Fill in your contact information.
3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Smartbooks.
4. Later you will receive an e-mail about when and where you can drop off your second-hand book.

IMPORTANT: You only receive an amount for your second-hand book when it is actually sold by smartbooks. Ofcourse, you get the book back when it is not sold.

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