Assessment Center: Mercurius x Careerstarter x YTF

After our studies, most of us will go out there and get a job. But how do you prepare yourself for the application of a job or the strict assessment procedures some companies use to select only the best of the best?


Do not worry! The Lustrum Committee does not only provide you with connections that you might have met during another activity, we also provide you with hands-on skills.


The Assessment Center in collaboration with the Careerstarter and Young Talent Factory consists of an e-assessment training that will elaborate on the most important elements of an e-assessment (namely: logical, verbal and numeric reasoning). After the training you are not only familiar with the questions, but you can also use strategies to reach a maximum result!


Young Talent Factory will also be present during this Assessment Center and will provide you with a new professional profile picture for your CV, a CV-checker and last but not least: you can practice your application skills at the SHINE-meeting. At this meeting, they give feedback and tips to make the best out of yourself on your application.


For the e-assessment training, you need to sign up: NOTE: only a certain amount of people can sign up!


Do you want to come in and make a professional CV picture or just get tips on your application skills? No worries, just come in and get it done!


After the Assessment Center, you are ready to go out there in the field and get the job you so desperately want!


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