Feesten, Sociaal

FMG presents a Superhero Party

— English —

Have you always wanted to be Superman, Superwoman, Mermaid Man or Barnacle Boy during childhood but did it not become reality? Well, now you can! Wednesday April 19th the eight study associations of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences will organise the most awesome party of the academic year with the theme ‘Superheroes’! This super event will take place in one of the best venues Amsterdam can offer: the Melkweg. We will start at 23:00 and the party will end at 4:00 (door closes at 00:30). Do you want to attend this night? Buy your ticket at your study association because you don’t want to miss this one! Members have to pay €6,- for a ticket in the presale and non-members have to pay €7,-. Tickets in the presale will be available on Monday March 27th! It will be a SUPER night so we hope to see you there!

Please note: The ticket prices are excluding transaction costs. The transaction costs will be €0,35.