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Pooling with students and teachers

Every year, Mercurius organises the famous student-teacher activity. This is an event on which students can socialize with their teachers and get to know each other better. Also this year Mercurius organises the student-teacher activity. We will challenge our teachers for a game of pool! Dare you to challenge your teachers?

On May 22nd, Mercurius offers students and teachers of communication science the chance to go pool together. This is all happening at poollokaal “De Gracht”. We will gather at “De Gracht” at 16:45 and start pooling at 17:00. In total, we will pool for one hour and we will cover the costs of this event.

So, if you are excited to challenge your teachers, be sure you claim your spot by signing up before May 18th 23:59. And do not forget to ask your teachers to come along!